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Effective Daily Schedule

7 Tips for Building an Efficient & Effective Daily Schedule

Posted by Rebecca Shillander on  August 7, 2017
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  “It’s really clear that the most precious gift we all have is time.” – Steve Jobs   Whether you keep track of your work and schedule on a digital, physical or mental calendar, it’s crucial for the achievement of any goal to consciously and carefully manage your time. While an efficient schedule can’t give you more than 24 hours in the day, it will increase the quality of those important and productivity-minded hours  
Cost of Paper

The Cost of Paper in Business Today

Posted by xtiriadmin on  June 27, 2017
The Paper Explosion: Anyone who runs an office knows that the document organization is a key factor to maximize efficiency and productivity. The better you are at organization the faster you can file and find the documents that you are looking for and the better your business’s workflow will be. In this paper we are going to take a more indepth look at how much all that paper your business is using is really costing

XTIRI Goes To Canada

Posted by xtiriadmin on  October 26, 2016
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Utah Governor’s Trade Mission to Canada Earlier This month XTIRI had a chance to travel to  Toronto, Canada for a trade mission led by the Governor of Utah. Our company went alongside other businesses in the state of Utah to meet with growing companies throughout Canada. During the trip, we were introduced to many organizations and companies that are producing valuable innovations in both tech and non-tech related industries. For a surprising initiation into our