XTIRI Goes To Canada

Utah Governor’s Trade Mission to Canada

Earlier This month XTIRI had a chance to travel to  Toronto, Canada for a trade mission led by the Governor of Utah. Our company went alongside other businesses in the state of Utah to meet with growing companies throughout Canada. During the trip, we were introduced to many organizations and companies that are producing valuable innovations in both tech and non-tech related industries.

For a surprising initiation into our trip, we were briefed on the risk associated with traveling internationally alongside the Governor. This meant being prepared in any hostile situation that one may encounter as ambassadors of companies from the United States traveling alongside the governor. This meant being guarded by security most of the time throughout the trip.

However, throughout our experience, we were blessed with great hospitality and received terrific accommodation and treatment during our time spent in Canada.

We were filled with gratitude for the experience we were given a to help bring exposure to innovative companies like ours and others throughout Utah. This trade mission was a great boost in our work to bring our innovative solutions to businesses and individuals in an international sphere.

At the meeting, we were introduced to organizations that are researching and developing incredibly useful and innovative technologies.

Ryerson University, in particular, showed technologies geared towards increasing the effective capabilities of rescue teams in disaster situations.


One example of these developing technologies was their implementation to equip search and rescue dogs with computer technologies that allow teams to track the location and survey particular areas for survivors of disaster that can be rescued and saved.  They also are working to improve robot capabilities that work in disaster situations. These technologies will be able to save lives and mitigate mortality in unexpected disasters.

We were also impressed by Ryerson University’s DMZ.


The DMZ is an organization that aims to allow start-up businesses all of the tools that they need to gain traction and become successful companies. They ranked as the #1 University incubator in North America and #3 throughout the world.

They are a non-profit that is committed to providing high-potential startups with an opportunity at mentorship, tailored connections, and a dedicated workspace. Their work helps bring valuable ideas and solutions into various industries.

Another organization we met that is creating a profound influence in developing business relationships and fostering economic growth is Communitech.


Communitech is an organization that provides many services geared towards helping current businesses expand their reach and providing resources for up and coming startups. They do this by connecting talent with businesses, helping companies acquire customers, and connecting business nationally and globally alongside many other functions that help to improve working relationships between companies both tech and non-tech.

These are just a few among many of the companies we met working to make a positive impact in their respective industries and markets.

As well as meeting with various companies we were able to meet with officials of the First Nation people of Canada. We are working to bring our product to them in a way that will benefit and enrich their local economic development. This has been a fulfilling endeavor in our journey to offer security and viability through our technological solutions.  

We are excited and blessed by our opportunity to expand our reach. And we will continue on our path to bring security, efficiency, and reliability to various industries and across multiple borders.