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  The recent natural disasters are a powerful reminder of the tragedies that cause us to lose our personal belongings. No matter how much we prepare, disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and floods can strike without warning. Sometimes the losses can include sensitive personal documents like birth certificates, social security cards, vehicle titles, and more. In the event of a tragedy, the first concern should be to get yourself and your family members to safety.
Data Duplication
  Data is the backbone of most businesses – without it, where would our organizations be? And yet, there is a fundamental flaw in data management for many organizations. The issue is duplication. In other words, much of the data appears more than once throughout our processes. Data duplication can be a key indicator of flawed workflow and inefficient operations. Duplication might not sound like a huge issue, but at a time when most businesses
Finding balance in the workplace
  Work-life balance means something a little different for each of us. But the goal we are all trying to achieve is similar; find a balance between our job, our personal lives, and our health. We want to find happiness through a successful career and a healthy lifestyle. The balance between career and life is a little like the yin and yang of our daily lives. In today’s fast-paced work environment, this balance can seem
Learning From Unhappy Customers
  Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their needs and wants impact every aspect of your organization, from product development, sales, distribution, and customer service. This means we need to constantly learn from our customers, and adapt our strategies based on what we’ve learned.   Forrester Research calls this philosophy being “Customer Obsessed.” They describe what is at stake for businesses who don’t take this path: “Simply put, customers expect consistent and high-value
How long to keep my files
  As we move through life, we accumulate a history of our transactions and financial records. As we collect this information, the filing cabinets and boxes begin to add up. It is difficult to know how long to keep documents, files, receipts, bills, contracts, and the records of our personal and business lives. When is it safe to throw them away? Is a digital copy sufficient or do we need to hang on to the
Multitasking is NOT a valuable skill
  “So much to do, so little time.” This phrase has become an accurate description of how most people feel about their everyday lives, both at home and at work. From sun up to sundown, we are constantly on the go. It has even been said that our culture has an addiction to being busy, and I for one am no exception. I find that even when I turn on a tv show to relax,
Protect Your Data
We often tell ourselves, “that will never happen to me!” But the recent string of hurricanes and disasters prove otherwise. They are a powerful reminder of how easily our documents and data can be upset or destroyed, having a severe impact on our businesses.  You don’t want to find yourself saying “If I had only been more prepared.” That said, this is a good time to reiterate the importance of securing your important data, documents,
Estimated 3 minutes read time Download a PDF version of this article   More technology is better, right? If the solution isn’t high-tech, it can’t be good. Doesn’t technology make our lives better? Today’s high-tech business landscape is more challenging than ever before. Everyone is looking for an edge. We all seek that one software solution that will change the way we do business, making us more profitable and successful. We assume the answer is
Oil Companies have been using ADP and Oildex (OpenInvoice and Spendworks) for many years. It is a solution that obviously works and has become the standard for most Trucking companies, allowing them to submit their invoices to Oil / Water / Waste companies manually to get paid. It has been the industry standard for years and continues to grow. XTIRI allows paper and paperless systems to maintain and manage their data so they can run
Tech Danger
XTIRI provides a product that protects documents, photos, and data from disaster and loss. I work with XTIRI and we often talk about how important it is for our customers to be prepared. It is hard for us to understand why a business wouldn’t want to use a product like ours to secure their data. Recently, a XTIRI colleague and I had an experience that brought this concept close to home. We were visiting a