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Working directly with Indian Tribes’ management teams and TERO programs for over 6 years, XTIRI developed file management and business processes that coordinate across all Tribal departments. XTIRI provides services that help manage the most critical aspects of Native American tribal governance: Revenue, People, Natural Resources, Assets, Public Services, and Enterprises. We believe that aligning technology, process optimization, and Tribal objectives, improves the ability to regulate and govern natural resources trusts, commerce, and physical assets.

XTIRI focuses on managing the most critical aspects of Tribal governance: Revenue, People, Natural Resources, Assets, Public Services, and Enterprises. The XTIRI system tracks various processes and a wide range of data to optimize measurable outcomes for better decision support.

Data Management
Secure Document and Image Storage

Upload, index, and search any document or image

Customizable Roles and Permissions

Employees and departments access only what they need

Work Order Management

Electronic or Paper Ticket Interface

Asset Tracking and Management

Geo Track Equipment, Materials and Transactions

Search all documents, contracts, agreements, etc.

Find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently

Alerts, Notifications and Reports

Get analysis into the hands of decision makers

XTIRI provides tools to better manage, track and report on Tribal assets within one system. This simple approach to data management organizes Tribal resources and assets to increase productivity while supporting Tribal autonomy goals.

Integrate tracking of facilities, property, and equipment

Touch the data only once

Easily manage building plans and asset information

Organized documentation, photographs and inventory data

Manage maintenance and upkeep of facilities

Automate Manual Processes

Comply with agency reporting requirements

Track, search documents and folders

Increase efficiency, assessment, planning, and execution

Measure outcomes

Photo of Oil Well on Tribal Lands
Photo of tribal youth playing
Photo of water pouring into pool
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Photo of tribal youth

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