Don't move a paper mess to a digital mess.

XTIRI has everything a small business needs in a document management system. Create and manage your own secure, cloud based, storage solution. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. It requires no installation or maintenance. Manage and view all types of files from one single application. Organize documents, photos, receipts, and contracts the way you want. XTIRI makes all the right documents instantly available.

If you need to capture receipts, contracts, or paper forms, or if you are simply trying to secure important historical records, XTIRI can help you organize and protect your files and data. By applying metadata to your files, they are no longer simply digital images. Your files become the data you need. XTIRI provides the bridge between your paper document processes and the data you require to make smart business decisions.

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Secure Document and Image Storage

Upload, index, and search any document or image

Customizable Roles and Permissions

Employees and departments access only what they need

Platform Independence

Use a standard web browser or smartphone to efficiently capture digital images

Asset Tracking and Management

Geo Track Equipment, Materials and Transactions

Search all documents, contracts, agreements, etc.

Find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently

Alerts, Notifications, and Reports

Get analysis into the hands of decision makers

XTIRI Benefits

Integrate tracking of facilities, property, and equipment

Touch the data only once

Easily manage building plans and asset information

Organized documentation, photographs and inventory data

Electronic Signature for field approval

Automate manual processes

Integrate with QuickBooks for accounting and job costing

Comply with agency reporting requirements

Track, search documents and folders

Measure outcomes

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Keep your data safe and secure

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