Legal/Financial Document Management

Document management can be a tricky task in paper-heavy worlds such as Law and Finance. Important documents with original signatures and crucial numbers must be accessible but can quickly become cumbersome, misplaced or difficult to locate. Most offices employ some type of filing system with colored tabs, staggered labels and complex organizational systems.

These systems are great in theory but excessive in practice, especially when dealing with large numbers of clients. XTIRI enables your office to digitize these filing systems into easily recorded, easily searched and easily analyzed data sets – all while ensuring your source data is captured and secure, so you can continue to store those important physical files off in storage boxes and still have them right at your fingertips.

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Secure Document and Image Storage

Access high-quality images of original documents at the click of a button. Have peace-of-mind that your images and data are safe and secure.

Customizable Roles and Permissions

XTIRI allows you to select which permissions every member of your team has when viewing and editing the data in each of your XTIRI groups.

Eliminate Wasted Time

With important source documents at your fingertips, you will no longer spend your time searching through cabinets or storage boxes for documents or files.

Automated Alerts and Reminders

Utilize the custom alerts and reminders to ensure the appropriate individuals receive important information via text message or email.

Search Documents, Contracts, Agreements, Etc

With XTIRI's ability to make your data dynamic, quickly find what you are looking for with easily customized search functions.

Report Generator

XTIRI's report generator is intuitive and customizable, providing you with easy-to-read analyses of your information at-a-glance.

XTIRI Benefits

Integrate tracking of office equipment, files and property

Touch the data only once

Easily manage client documents

Organized documentation of source data and all edits

Manage maintenance of accounts and client files

Measure time management habits and file completions

Automate Manual Processes

Increase efficiency, assessment, planning, and execution

Makes teamwork quick and easy

Remove the risk associated with passing documents hand-to-hand

Track and search documents

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