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What is XTIRI?

XTIRI is online cloud-based storage with search capabilities. You can use any web enabled device (phone or computer) to scan paper documents, capture the data on those same paper documents, collect signatures – both wet and digital, run reports, and connect that data to Quickbooks or ADP. This technology can be immediately implemented and used to bridge the ever-growing gap between your paper process and the digital data you rely on to run your business. XTIRI doesn’t require fancy equipment or extensive training, and it can be used to automate existing processes.

XTIRI helps companies bridge the gap between their old paper processes and the valuable data stored on their documents. We provide digital image storage for paper documents, photos, receipts, and contracts. Our system allows businesses to harvest, analyze and report on valuable data while maintaining the original paper source of information, including the wet signatures. If you deal with multiple sources of data collection or processes that use both paper and digital inputs, XTIRI can help you automate and manage your workflow.

Data Management
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Getting the data out of your paper documents

XTIRI provides access to all types of raw data and lets you cleanse, transform and shape it for any analytic purpose. As a result, you can gain deeper insights, embed that knowledge into models, share new discoveries and automate decision-making processes across your business.

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